Editing Project

Part 1: Copy edit for Sidelines

I went in on the last Friday of March to get my first experience in copyediting and it wasn’t the hardest thing in the world. Sidelines editor, Sarah Taylor, greeted and then handed me a AP Stylebook to get to work.

The story I copyedited was actually written by one my classmates, Steve Barnum, and it was well written story. It was about a dance marathon held on MTSU’s campus and how it raises money for charity.

There were minor errors in the story like using “towards” instead of the word toward. In my hour of copyediting I realized that no writing is perfect. Even after editors look over work it can still have a grammar mistake or spelling error and a fresh set of can do some good. I’d say that I would prefer to copy edit instead of editing before it reaches anybody because the pressure isn’t as great.

Story —  http://mtsusidelines.com/2017/03/second-annual-raiderthon-dance-marathon-held-at-mtsu-to-benefit-the-childrens-miracle-network/

Part 2: Copyediting errors (Sidelines mistakes)

1.) Since opening, the store he has gradually increased its clientele and has become well known in not only the Middle Tennessee area but the state as a whole.

Correction: Since opening the store,


2.) The MTSU alumni took a turn midway through his performance by stepping into the audience and serenading his fiancee, Hannah Lee Fowler.

Correction: alumnus


3.) “Life” is an exciting sci-fi horror flick despite unoriginality

Headline Correction: ‘Life’


4.) She played a fifteen-minute set and urged the audience to check out her brand new mixtape

Correction: 15-minute set


5.) “Culture” consists of 13 tracks with features from DJ Khaled, Uzi Vert, Gucci Mane, 2 Chainz and Travis Scott,

Correction: The rapper’s correct name is Lil Uzi Vert


6.) They were greeted by red carpet correspondents from MT10, Bruceann Owen and Mares Burke…

Correction: incorrect name spelling. It is Marresa Burke


7.) Marvel’s latest collaboration with Netflix “Iron Fist” debuted on Friday, March 17

Correction: Netflix, “Iron Fist”


8.) The Santiago, Spain native won four sets in singles play and is currently boasting a three-match win streak.

Correction: The Santiago, Spain, native


9.) Rapper Young Dolph delivered his highly anticipated album, “Bulletproof” on April 1 in reference to a situation that happened back in February.

Correction: Add comma before “Bulletproof”


10.) She was one of ten siblings, and life was simple back then.

Correction: She was one of 10 children.

Part 3: Sidelines Meeting

So, I briefly went to the Sidelines meeting for last Friday and it was decent experience. Due to me showing up at 2:15 p.m. thinking that I was early, I missed the beginning of the meeting. Since everyone was doing their own thing and were already running through a list of story ideas that they were considering, I was just a spectator.

I will say that the staff works fast in how quickly a person picks a story for the week. Even when a story is being pitched, the editors basically just want to know the angle and from there you have the go-ahead. I’d say that’s the best part about Sidelines, the door is open to for someone to write about possibly the weirdest, yet, the most intriguing things if you can find the story.





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